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Kubota B7300

Kubota B7300 Power Steering Unit
(No Longer In-Stock)

Installation Guide PDF Download 

Pipe Flange

Custom Built Pipe Flange
Built to your specifications or ANSI Spec. B16.5 

4" Hex Nuts

Custom Built Hex Nuts and Bolts.  Any T.P.I.

(Nut for 4" pin on log loader main boom. 
12 t.p.i.
Dimensions 6 3/8" across flats.
 2" thickness) 

TIG Micro-Welds

TIG Micro-Welds in steel.
(Dime not included) 

Aluminum Anodizing

Prototype heat sinks for prototype electronics or other thermal radiance applications.
(See Anodizing Tab for more Information) 

Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild


TS Teknadyne also builds and rebuilds hydraulic cylinders.

From packing replacement, to new rods and barrels to complete fabrication.

Shown  above the ruler is a special application cylinder with a 1.125” bore  and 1” stroke we rebuilt with new rod installed and old rod below.

Below ruler is cylinder “needing” rebuilt with new fabricated rod below. 

If you are in need of a  special stroke length, center-to-center length or any other custom  requirement large or small, we’ll do the math and either modify an  existing cylinder, or create one from scratch.